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The .json file extension is used to identify "JavaScript object notation" files, which are human readable and text based. It is similar in structure and function to XML, but is not as functionally complex, and it as well lacks XML's flexibility in many ways too. For example, .json files can not be compressed and still interpreted properly without being decompressed into their original format. Considered to be language independent, .json files are meant to hold data in a serialized fashion, broken into chunks of small segments and ordered in a logical way with specific labels for different sets of data. This extension's name implies that it is reliant on the JavaScript language format, and indeed it did start as a subset of JavaScript, but has since moved to occupy its own niche.


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This file type can hold any sort of alphanumeric or symbolic data and can be used for a huge number of different purposes, from databases of personal information of employees to step by step instructions for one's favorite recipes. One of the most popular software packages which utilizes the .json format for storing its data is the fast up and coming open source Mozilla based browser, Firefox. The files are used to store and label a single file backup of a user's complete bookmarks folder; each URL is labeled with a descriptive name that is either automatically assigned or chosen by the user at the time that the bookmark is made. The directory hierarchy is also preserved, giving the bookmark subject organization a branching structure.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Json

The .json format is also used to transmit the type of data it stores over a network connection, which makes it useful for using in conjunction with other languages or formats for creating interactive web applications which transmit data in real time, or accept input from the user. This setup would be useful in writing an application which stores information about customers who are making their first purchase orders on one's business website, for example. It can then be easily retrieved the next time an order is made. This can also be useful in an inventory management work environment across a local network as well. Yahoo, one of the top web search providers in fact uses JSON for some of their web services, and Google, another search provider similarly uses the JSON markup format for its GData service. Another growing implementation of the use of JSON is in conjunction with 'Ajax', a framework used as a base for developing dynamic and complex web applications. Ajax actually stands for "asynchronous Java and XML," which are used together to provide this framework. This chemistry, along with the innovation of users across the world have facilitated the creation of applications so rich and varied that until recently, it was thought that such experiences were beyond the reach of what could be offered through the window of a web browser. Keep in mind that web based applications are essentially run completely remotely, and independent of the user's machine; an impressive feat indeed!

Now that we understand the role of .json files and their ability to store and organize all types of alphanumerical data, it should be easy for us to identify any file of this type. As was mentioned before, human readable files like these can be examined and decoded by you and I without the assistance of a program. This makes correcting the mistake of a mislabeled .json file quick and easy; open up the file in question with your favorite basic text editor and see what kind of data is inside. The formatting is quite literal and self explanatory so checking for data corruption, which is any kind of damage or incompleteness to the file, is made simple as well. Should you encounter any kind of damage, the best way to remedy the situation is to retransmit a fresh copy of the same file to your computer, if possible from a different source to ensure that there is no data loss on the server's end of the connection, or that the disk you copied the file from is not damaged itself. Finally, it should be said that while the JSON markup language is fairly straightforward, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the basics of its formatting rules. A single error in formatting could cause a serious problem down the road. If you must edit the file, make a backup copy of the original just in case.

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